For a substantial amount of chips at less than half the price of buying them direct, you are going to have a huge advantage playing right off the bat. Don't waste months when you can own the chips fast and easy.


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    Do your chips deposits work on mobile devices? Android, iOS?

    Our chips will work on all devices of the same game. Facebook, Android, and iOS all share the same balance, so it doesn't matter where you deposit them. You will have access to your funds right away.

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    I lost my chips playing, can I have more or my money back?

    Absolutely, but you'll need to pay for more chips. We do not offer refunds once the chips have been transferred into your account.

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    Can I sell you back chips?

    We do not have the ability to do that. We would like to but at the moment, there is no way for us to do so.

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    Why do you require my Facebook ID or Facebook email?

    We prefer your FaceBook ID. This enables us to deposit directly to your account, which makes the transaction faster for you and us. This information is required for us to know what account to deposit the chips to. We do not store this information once the payment has been deposited.

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    Any other ways to contact you?

    Live chat and email are our preferred methods of contact. We answer extremely fast, so you can get your game on right away.

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    What times are you online?

    We try to provide our technical support 24/7. So we intend to keep those hours. Meaning all the time... but in case we do have issues, we may at odd times turn off the chat. Note that we deposit chips all the time, so even if we're offline, we still guarantee our fast delivery that our customers are accustomed to.

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    I want chips even cheaper.

    Unfortunately our prices are non-negotiable. Buying higher denominations will provide the best deal.

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    I'm worried my account might get flagged if I use your service.

    You should have absolutely no worries. Unlike other providers we do not have to go into rooms, and constantly fold to you, we direct deposit. Doing the raise/fold method, flags accounts, as this is easily traceable by the administrators. Your account will never be affected by buying from us. We are resellers, therefore publishers do not mind.

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    How do I get my FaceBook ID?

    It is now easier than ever to retrieve your Facebook ID. Open Full Stack on Facebook. Let it connect you to the server, than scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see "Your UID is:" followed by a number. That is your Facebook ID. Please paste it in the ID field.

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    Can I just use my email instead of the ID?

    Sure thing. It doesn't bother us at all. But for the fastest possible transaction, the FaceBook ID is preferred. Read above. It's is extremely simple to retrieve it.

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    I want Zynga, Glamble or other providers chips, not Full Stack Poker on Facebook ones.

    We cannot provide for any other poker game than Full Stack Poker, don't even bother asking.

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    Are you guys legitimate?

    Although it's fairly hard for us to prove our legitimacy, we have 1,000s of happy customers, some may have even referred you to our website. If you do have a hard time believing us, try buying a small denomination. We'll even donate free chips to your account for no other reason than proving we can do it. Try us out!

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    I want free chips!

    Sure, no problem. Let us deposit some free chips you can enjoy. But note, we only deposit once per user. Don't bother asking us if you already requested this offer. But it really means ONCE! We also hold the right to refuse anyone if we believe this offer is getting abused.
    Note that we can only direct deposit your chips if we're on live chat, if we're offline, then you'll have to wait. Your free chips to Full Stack poker flash game on facebook will be deposited right away as long as you provide us your FaceBook ID. This offer is intended to show you that we can deposit chips into your account, so therefore, prior to requesting your free chips, note the total you have in your account.